Please see the guideline of directions for electronic equipment of potentiometer (EIAJ RCR-2191A )

(1)Using environment : −10℃〜+70℃, however recommend using under normal temperature and normal humidity as 15℃〜35℃ & RH 25〜75%.
(2)Avoid using the potentionmeter where dew or water drops might occur on the surface of the resistor, or other portions. Deterioration of insulation or short circuit may occur. Especially when direct current is flown through this part, terminal(silver)to metal parts insulation may deteriorate under the environment. This is due to a silver migration phenomenon. Contact us if this part is being planned to use under direct current.


(3)Terminal connections

In applications where a direct current is allowed to flow through the potentiometer's sliding arm, there could be a problem of anodic oxidation owing to an unusual increase in resistance value. In such a case, good practice is to connect the negative line to the resistance element and the positive line to the sliding arm.

1)Under conditions of the printed terminals as the schematic drawing, avoid solder flowing out to the top of the printed circuit
board. A contact failure may occur in the terminal squeezing section.

2)It shall be soldered within five seconds at 260℃ in the case of the printed circuit board.
Use of soldering iron : Within three seconds at 300℃)

3)Stress being applied to the terminals
At time of soldering, do not apply stress to the terminal. If a terminal is applied stress, electrical characteristics may deteriorate.

4)This product is not washable after soldering.

5)Fully take care of flux rise, flux and soldering scattering.

6)Only the specified products are applied to reflow-soldering of lead-free .
(Use of reflow-soldering with lead solder, the peak temperature is 10degrees down)

5)Chemicals and Adhesive
Synthetic resins such as polycarbonate are used in the potentiometers. Care must, therefore, be exercised expose the resistor to atmosphere of ammonia, amines, alkali solution, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketons, esters,
halogenous hydrocarbons, etc. If these potentiometers are used in the cyanoacrylate adhesive, since white residue gas of instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate adhesive) causes high sliding noise, please do not use it in near.

(6)Shaft and Lever strength
When inserting the knob, after assembling set product, do not apply more than stress push-pull strength in the custom specification and excessive shock stress. Mechanical and electrical destruction may


(7)Mounting slide VR on the chassis
Avoid using the screw longer than a specified one. See fig.

(8)Mounting a knob on the lever of slide VR
It gets a good feeling in travelling to shorten the distance from the VR body to the operation point(A).

It is recommendable not to use the operating point away from the center line of the lever(B)because of the same reason as above.

9)Preserve time and preserved method
Avoid keeping the product at the hi-temperature, hi-humid, and corrosion-gas. Preserve time is a year max. Please we recommend you to see the date of manufacture at the packing case and use early the product after open the pack.

When using one of our product, please obtain a formal delivery
specification sheet.

Some of the information in this document is subject to change without notice due to product improvement or other reasons.


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